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Founded by the WashingtonPost - whorunsGov.com is an independent politics blog that offers the best political profiles on the web.

Our site includes profiles of members of the Obama administration, U.S. lawmakers and governors, senior congressional aides and committee staff, lobbyists and experts at think tanks and interest groups who comprise the world of unofficial Washington.  We also offer profiles and in-depth organizational charts for all 15 executive branch departments, Congress and the White House.

The site is built on a “moderated wiki” platform, and anyone can add a profile or update an existing one.  Contributors can use their name, or not, and all information is reviewed by our editorial team before publishing.

Please join our community and learn more about how you can contribute.

Not familiar with wikis?  Learn more by reading our ‘What is a wiki?’ article in our FAQs.

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James Hakim writes for whorunsGov, a reported opinion blog with a liberal slant -- what you might call “opinionated reporting” from the left.